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Strong Hypertufa Recipe

March 4th, 2008 by Seb Brown

This recipe is stronger than the basic hypertufa recipe I wrote about previously. It is good for making hypertufa troughs as they need to be made quite strong. The ingredients are:

  • 2 Parts Portland Cement
  • 3 Parts Sifted Peat Moss
  • 3 Parts Perlite
  • Synthetic Concrete Reinforcing Fibres (about a hand full for a hypertufa trough)
  • Water

Just a just a quick note to remind you that Portland cement is NOT concrete. Portland cement is an ingredient of concrete. Be sure to pick up the correct sack, they are heavy!

You should be able to get most of the ingredients in your local hardware store. The reinforcing fibres might be a little more tricky to get hold of but they should be available in your local masonry supply store.

Mix your ingredients well in a wheelbarrow before you add the water. When you add the water, do it slowly so you don’t make the mixture sloppy. You should be able to grab a handful of the mixture and mould it into a ball and it should hold together. The amount of water you need to add will depend on how dry the peat moss is to begin with.

To get more information on different Hypertufa recipes for different applications I recommend The Hypertufa How To Manual by Claudia Brownlie.

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  1. Monica Mueller Says:

    After looking everywhere for Synthetic Concrete Reinforcing Fibres, I finally found them at http://www.interstar.ca, ordered them online, and expect to see them delivered by the end of the week. They are called DIY Fibers and are about $9.00 CAD a bag. You won’t find this ingredient in any store. Although the product is Canadian, it is available for delivery throughout the US via the website.

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